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We provide exceptional service to our customers; unparalleled support to our agents; and innovative marketing and technology.

This is why we've been able to lead in the real estate industry for over 40 years.

Founded in 1981, ERA American Real Estate has since become one of the most influential companies in Northwest Florida's real estate industry.

Leading with Vision

Committed to providing as much value as possible to not only our customers, but to our talent as well.

Tony Lombardo Owner ERA American

Tony Lombardo


Tony's leadership style is centered on the principle of collaboration - that by working together and helping one another, we build a strong community of real estate professionals.

Tony took the helm at ERA American in 2021 after serving as our COO. Prior to that he was Vice President, Franchise Performance at ERA Franchise Systems LLC, a part of Anywhere Real Estate.

ERA Real Estate was founded on the premise of building a franchise system based on the principle of collaboration- the idea that by working together and helping one another, a stronger community of real estate professionals could be built. Tony brings this same philosophy to leadership in our company.

Chief Story Teller

Tony has an eye for creating career and business opportunities. He excels at this. He also excels at getting a message across. His unofficial title is "The Story Teller".

Gloria Frazier President ERA American

Gloria Frazier

Designated Broker & Founder

Gloria has led our company to excel through challenging real estate cycles since its start in 1981 by virtue of her skill as a solutions-finder. 

Our Founder

Gloria started the company in 1981 in a construction trailer and then commenced to grow the company to five offices in three counties. She has influenced Northwest Florida communities through the culture of civic service she has nurtured within our company from its start.

The company culture she's created keeps agents top of mind and is reflected in her induction into the national ERA Hall of Fame.

Linde Bowman vp sales - 300

Linde Bowman

VP, Head of Brokerage

After 25 years of helping buyers and seller's dreams come true, Linde stepped in as our Director of Sales. She now serves as VP of Brokerage.

Expert in Solutions

For Linde, serving our communities and our agents with leadership and provide trusted real estate advice is not only a passion, but a way of life. Her fairness and ability to see a healthy, win-win solution for all sides is what has earned her reputation as "Deal Doctor".

Linde is a Northwest Florida native. She is married to a retired Air Force veteran, Michael Bowman. They have traveled the world together and decided that their home is here along the Emerald Coast.

Building investor's a diverse inventory has a specialty of hers and she has helped many of her friends and family create wealth and stability. 

Her passion for real estate, honesty and negotiating skills have made her a top agent and reliable source to help others build a successful career. Her son Mack Bowman has followed in her footsteps and is now a real estate advisor with our company.

Keith Wood vp rental mgmt - 300

Keith Wood

VP, Head of Property Management & Commercial

Keith brings a comprehensive, integrated approach to both the rental and commercial real estate markets. 

A benefit to both customers and agents.

For our customers, Keith works to ensure that their properties are well-managed and maintained, and that they receive the best possible return on their investment. For our agents, he provides the resources and support they need to succeed in their own careers, assisting them with solutions to best serve their clients. Just a few of his many activities in our industry include:

  • President Elect - Emerald Coast Association of Realtors (ECAOR) 
  • ECAOR Political Action Committee Trustee and Chairman 
  • Florida Realtors Board of Directors 
  • Florida Realtors Public Advocacy Advisory Chairman 

An adventurous and thrill-seeking individual.

Keith is committed to personal and professional growth. He is a fan of extreme activities and just about anything outdoors. He trains in jiujitsu, and is licensed through the Florida Boxing Commission and is an official for many Professional MMA, Boxing, and Kickboxing events to include the UFC.

His other hobbies are flying, fishing, boating, diving, hiking, or riding dirt bikes. Keith enjoys pushing himself to new limits. 

Zee White director training - 300

Zee White

Director of Talent Development

Zee invests more time in developing our talent than anyone in the company, focusing on providing effective training.

"Coach Z"

Zee started her real estate career in 1999 joining American Realty as an administrative assist and has advanced since then to serving as our training director. She is passionate about assisting agents in growing their real estate careers.

She moved here in 1991 with her parents who are retired military. She is very knowledgeable of the military relocation process. Having to move throughout her childhood, Zee knows what its like to adjust to a new location. She is married to Michael White and is the VERY proud mom to some terrific young adults.

Fitness Coach

One more thing about Coach Zee - she doesn't demand anything of someone that she wouldn't demand of herself. Zee is active in the Valparaiso Niceville Girls Softball Association where she is the Commissioner of the league, sponsor of Zee Hunter’s Team Era and holds the position as assistant coach.

Those of us who work with her get the benefit of not only growing strong in real estate, but getting top notch fitness coaching.

Creating Opportunity

ERA American Real Estate has cultivated an environment with a variety of opportunities for agents, administrators and customers alike to achieve financial security and independence.

DAnn Templin director finance HR - 300

D'Ann Templin

Director of Finance & HR

D'Ann leads our accounting team, and oversees HR for the entire company.

"Crackajack of Coin"

D'Ann is a crackajack of accounting, and oversees all Accounting Department functions. With a B.A. in finance and 25 years of experience, she is more than qualified to handle her team. D'Ann has explored and implemented much of our accounting technology advancement, which has made the finance part of our business probably the best in the industry... certainly much more accurate and faster. 

She has also earned her Community Association Management (CAM) license. One of the things she does after hours outside of work is serve as a Community Association Manager. Not many love what they do so much that it is something they even do when off work. Her other love afterhours is simply to be outside.

Lisa Burgener agent services mgr

Lisa Burgener

Agent Services Manager

As 2021 National "ERA Real Estate Office Coordinator of the Year," Lisa assists our agent services coordinators in serving our agents.

 The Problem Wrangler

Lisa says her focus is to make everyone feel special and help them achieve their goals. To this end, she blesses all her co-workers - and even our customers - with her willingness to solve any issue. She wants any customer walking in the front door to know they don't just have their agent, they have a team to help them through their transaction.

She is the Jedi wrangler of our documents management program, helping our agents to make sure each transaction has all the necessary and correct documents and signatures for a smooth transaction.

The Puzzle Champ

 When asked for one sentence about what she is committed to in her work, Lisa promptly answered "A smile can go a long way."

In her leisure time, Lisa love to do jigsaw puzzles and listen to music, her favorite being contemporary Christian music. We've seen some of the intensely intricate puzzles she's completed and figure that's why the puzzle of coordinating services between our agent services coordinators and over 100 agents doesn't daunt her.

Veronica Ferrell director relocation

Veronica Ferrell

Referral & Leads Manager

As manager of our referral and leads department, Veronica ensures that the agent that will be assisting our customers in their relocation is a good fit.

Taking the "Scary" out of relocation.

Veronica loves to help people. She has also lived the life of a military spouse and knows what it takes to up an move when the time comes. Her goal is to make relocation for our referred customers exciting, not scary. She also recognizes that the individual or source that has referred a buyer or seller to our company is placing a lot of trust in us to deliver the best service. 

For our agents, Veronica is constantly on the look-out for reliable referral sources and evaluates current programs as to their effectiveness. She's our power lifter in coordinating lead sources, customers and agents.

Active Energy on Tap

Whether at work or after hours, Veronica loves spending time with her family and friends. She loves to travel. And, another thing we know she loves to do is work out. She is energy on tap and no telling what strange concoction she may have on her desk, but it must work since she is a competitive powerlifter, which is testimony to her discipline.

Deborah Holbrook mgr business care systems

Deborah Holbrook

Business Engagement Program

Deborah oversees programs to help agents get and take care of business; to free their time up for what they love to do - take care of people.

The Solutionist

If our agents need help with a business challenge, Deborah loves to help with a solution. 

We don't want to see our agents spend a lot of time on digits, pixels, or or databases. We want them free with more time to spend with people. That's where the Solutionist comes in.

Deborah has a Mary Poppins bag of experience to draw from in developing business care solutions. Her first degree is in architecture. She worked in that field 10 years. Then she got a general contractors license, a real estate license and a few other degrees including a doctorate. She was co-owner of a land development and light commercial construction company before coming to ERA American. 

In 1993, when our founder asked her about starting an in-house design shop for our agents, she said "Now, that's a great solution." And, proceeded to head our marketing department for over 20 years before switching over to business care systems. 

Lifestyle Solutions

Deborah has a new passion. She has invested the past 5 years in studying nutrition. In 2022 she started training to be a lifestyle change coach and in 2023 earned her certification. 

VIBE - Visibility. Identity. Branding. Engagement.

ERA American Real estate has a full time team dedicated to ensuring our company, agents and customers benefit from strategic implementation of marketing initiatives, professional graphic and web design, an effective social media presence and exposure in print and digital media.

For the customer this includes optimizing the presentation of properties to showcase our current listings in the best possible light to a wide audience.

To our agents, VIBE provides convenient and professional ways for them to build their personal brand, promote their listings, sales and community involvement.


Catherine Gauthier

Develops and oversees V.I.B.E. team functions including brokerage initiatives and agent programs.

The Negotiator

Catherine coordinates VIBE team functions. Some days that means developing a strategic marketing action plan for the brokerage. Some days it’s training ERA American agents on how to leverage ERA tools and resources. Other days, it’s googling “Fun national holidays May 2023” to include in our social media content suggestions.

Every day it’s being dedicated to helping agents and ERA American present themselves to the world in the most authentic way.

Outside of work she is a wife and mom. A brunch enthusiast. And, she custom designs and paints skateboard decks for those skaters with discriminating taste.


Rachelle Wyatt

Assists agents in enhancing their visibility and engagement as well as creates content for the company's social media.

The "Attention Grabber"

Rachelle's goal in her job is to make the company's social media visible in a way that gets attention and engagement from all different groups of people who are interested in the Real Estate industry in some way. She also takes on individual social media to help teach agents how to gain a good following for their business page.

Her favorite thing to do is check her to-do list off. She says it makes her focus and assert herself to get everything done that she needs to. Her nickname is the" yes ma'am girl", as she is always saying yes to projects, even if they're not technically in her job title because she loves to help out in any way she can, and she is always up for something new!

Boating Fan

Come the weekend, Rachelle loves taking the dogs on the boat or to the creek and giving them a day of fun with mom and dad. Heck, anything to do with going on the boat and you can count her in! She also declares there's also nothing like watching a good sunset with a glass of red wine. Those are her favorites.


Jonelle Lewis

Our graphic designer is better than yours. Jonelle makes everything look pretty and ensures brand compliance.

Our "Pixel Pixie"

Jonelle makes magic with little dots, creating visually compelling images/assets that help keep ERA American at the top of people’s minds.

She constantly looks at the competition, ALL competition, not just real estate companies. She knows that people are so overwhelmed with information it’s important to try to find something to make us stand out from the noise. She is driven to find that thing, even if it’s a horse’s nose poking out of a billboard.

Per Jonelle, "Vibe is a unique entity, so we are different from that viewpoint alone. We want to let our agents be their genuine selves. The lack of cookie-cutter, while still adhering to brand standards makes everyone feel seen."

Outside of work, Jonelle loves to paint (oil, watercolor, acrylic).  And she loves animals, especially horses and her dog Jasper.

Finalist for ERA® Franchise Systems 2022 national marketing excellence award.

Providing Solutions

ERA American sets itself apart from other brokerages by offering a full range of services to its associates.

Agents at ERA American reap the benefits of aligning with a well-respected, established national brand. They also have access to internal company resources that allow them to do what they do best- list and sell property. By employing a large full time support staff that assists agents in both front of the house and back end business activities including book keeping and accounting, our agents are able to spend more time on the customers they serve.

Heather Richardson agent coordinator

Heather Richardson

Agent Services Coordinator

In addition to managing agent files for completeness and compliance, Heather maintains the company's digital lockbox inventory for listing access, coordinates events and meetings, and conducts agent outreach.

Heather Richardson

CJ Holbrook relocation facilitator

C.J. Holbrook

Agent Services Coordinator

Headquartered in our Gulf Breeze location, C.J. oversees some of the day to day operations of the office by managing the phone system and maintaining essential office equipment among other things!

The Connector

CJ has held numerous support and administrative roles within the company including Branch Coordinator and Leads Coordinator. She comes to us with a variety of past experience, which is probably why she's so skilled as a connector.

She has held a brokers license and was the principal broker and co-owner of a real estate company. She even has been a licensed general contractor and owned a building business.

All of which is so different from her previous vocations and education. She earned a BFA in Theater when younger, and was active for years in community theater. As time went on, she returned to university and earned a Doctorate in Ministry.

The Writer

Another thing many don't know about CJ is that she is a published author with a dozen novels and anthologies under her belt. Two of them were even published and distributed in Russian and Chinese.

Value all. Aid all. Assist all.

This is CJ's work motto. She says, "It takes the best staff to assist agents and customers and I get to be a member of that 'best staff'."

Agent Services

Review Agent Files for Industry Compliance
Manage Digital Lockbox Inventory for Listing Access
Provides Agent Mailing Services
Coordinates Events, Outreach and More
Rene Kelly

Rene' Kelly


Our bookkeeper extraordinaire that handles our accounts records for the sales side of the company - and most importantly for our agents - processes commissions.


A nickname Rene' often gets tagged with is Schneider because she can fix things. And, we love it when she puts that fix-it mindset to making things more efficient. She is also one of our Excel gurus, a master of the spreadsheet. 

Rhonda Armstrong

Rhonda Armstrong


Rhonda oversees payables and security deposit transmittals for ERA American's property management division.

Rhonda understands the importance of getting tenants' security deposits released and vendors paid in a timely manner.  She makes staying on top of these tasks a priority. All of us working with her know she can be depended on and is always willing to help when needed.

A Spirit of Excellence

Rhonda's personal work - and life - driver is loyalty, honesty and a spirit of excellence. She holds a B.S. degree in Business Education with a minor in English. Prior to coming to work with us, Rhonda served as office manager and bookkeeper for a local church for 18 years.

Another thing to know about Rhonda -she can sing! We love to here her hum at the copier. She also sings with the praise team at her church. 

Linda Bizzell

Linda Bizzell


Linda handles record keeping for our property management division to include disbursing draws to owners and onboarding properties into our systems.

We asked Linda what she likes about her work with ERA American. She said she appreciates the freedom she's given to test boundaries within the software platform we use to explore new ways to perfect the jobs we do. And we're glad we do. Linda has created many reports in our system that are time saving to us, our tenants and our landlords during her seven and a half years here.

Linda comes to us from a background as a government contracting accountant and office manager for a residential subcontracting company. So, this knowledge has given her a lot of versatility in her field.

She has been in the area since 1982 and says she's met some wonderful, amazing people and formed some long standing friendships with business associates. When she's not here, she's with friends hanging and just having fun.

Louise McAdoo - red jacket

Louise McAdoo


Louise has the confusing, hectic job of tying a multitude of receipts, invoices and reimbursements into organized account records for our agents.

Accounts Wrangler

Louise oversees accounts payable and company co-pays for our agents. Our company is a big cheerleader of our agents. Besides company marketing, we invest a lot in co-marketing with our agents. And that can produce an accounting three-ring circus. Louise pulls the numbers together; keeps communications open; and sets order to account records - and she does it all with a gracious smile and peaceful, calm way about her.

Celeste Templin

Celeste Templin


Celeste is the Rockstar that gathers up droves of receipts from agents and updates agents' ledgers for those choosing to use our services to do their business bookkeeping.

Agent Bookkeeping

Our company has invested a lot in our accounting technology. And part of what this does, is let us offer the same powerful accounting to our agents for their individual tax records. They get the benefit of doing what they do best with no need to spend their off time trying to make sense of their receipts. Come time to do tax returns, and they can hand over to their tax preparer immaculate records with everything accounted for.

Celeste oversees this service. She handles each agent's books with intense attention and a keen eye to detail.

Property Management

Mary Ann Ramsey -300pix

Mary Ann Ramsey

Manager, Property Services

Mary Ann manages the caretaking of our landlords' properties and she handles chaos with the cheerful humorous approach she has become known for.

Mary Ann started with us part-time in rentals 2 days a week and front desk sales 1 day a week. That position grew into full time in the Rental Department. She has done everything from property inspections, maintenance, and leasing assistant. She has advanced from assistant to the property manager to property manager and now to manager of property services. She also has earned her real estate license. 

Keeping an Eye Out to Build Friendships

Mary Ann scheduled an inspection for early one morning at 8:00 AM because the tenant worked nights. The day before that inspection, she had surgery on her eye, and sported a black eye and stitches as evidence. When she showed up at the home, the tenant answered the door in his military uniform with a Corona in his hand. As Mary Ann tells it, "I was looking at him weirdly because he was drinking beer at 8:00 am in the morning. He was looking at me like I had been beaten up because of my eye, so I said, 'I am not abused, I just had surgery on my eye yesterday.' Then he said, 'I’m not an alcoholic, I just got off work.'

Fallene Smith Property manager

Fallene Wiley

Property Manager

Fallene is responsible for all owner/tenant relations and oversees leasing, rental marketing, maintenance and other support staff.

 Fallene Wiley

Ashley Thompson leasing agent

Ashley Thompson

Property Manager

Ashley processes rental applications, lists properties for rent, and provides tenant and applicant customer service.

Introducing "Ashley 3"

Ashley has been part of our team for over seven years. When she first started, we had a few Ashley's on the team and she would jokingly introduce herself as "Ashley 3". Now we've come to know her as our dedicated Ashley who strives to make home finding a smooth process for tenants. 

She loves the Emerald Coast beaches and can be found on one of them when off work - or being a sports mom to her kid's teams. She is a dog-lover and they have multiple dogs in the family. 

Ashley Calhoun operations manager

Ashley Calhoun

Executive Assistant

Provides administrative support in a variety of functions to an individual, team, department, or other group in an organization. Collects, reviews, and analyzes data, and prepares reports, charts, and other presentation materials.

 Ashley Calhoun

Emily Gaskin, ERA American Real Estate leasing agent

Emily Gaskin

Leasing Manager, Crestview

In addition to listing and showing rental properties to obtain tenants for our landlords, Emily is always willing to lend a helping hand to our sales team.

Energy on Call

Emily has lived in Florida for 3 years and loves going to the beach and laying out or taking her dog around to various parks. She enjoys being in nature and learning new things and tends to learn very quickly. She was previously employed as a realtor, so she has a well rounded understanding of real estate as a whole.

Lisa Liggett

Lisa Liggett

Service Coordinator, Crestview

Erica Slayton -300pixadj

Erica Slayton

Maintenance Supervisor

Erica oversees all maintenance in our rental portfolio as well as supervises owner/tenant relations regarding maintenance.

Erica Slayton

Bayleigh Ramsey 2023

Bayleigh Ramsey

Administrative Assistant

Provides administrative support in a variety of functions to the Property Manager and Leasing Manager.

Bayleigh Ramsey

We manage over

rental units!